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Ashwini Nakshatra


Ashwini Nakshatra

Range0°00′ to 13°20′ Aries

Padas of Ashwini Nakshatra:

Aries Pada - 0°00′ to 3°20′ Aries

Taurus Pada- 3°20′ to 6°40′ Aries

Gemini Pada- 6°40′ TO 10°00′ Aries

Cancer Pada--10°00′ TO 13°20′ Aries

Dasha ruler : Ketu

Symbol : horse head

Deity : Ashwini Kumara (horse headed celestial physicians)

Brihat Samhita rulership : Horse-dealers, commandants, physicians, attendants, horses, horse riders, merchants, handsome persons and horse-grooms.


Moon in Ashwini : The person is a lover of show, fine clothes and ornaments. He has an attractive personality, is handsome and lovely, clever, skilful and intelligent. Attributes : By the influence of this star the native is expected to be equestrian (horse-ride) or a soldier, also a physician with marvellous power to heal. The after-speak of physicians excellence or process....

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