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Detailed Horoscope PDF Report


  • Your Full Horoscope Report (Recommended if you understand Vedic astrology or have an astrologer you are working with)
  • 50+ Pages Covering All  Components of the Vedic Astrology.
  • All Varga Charts(D9,D10,D30,D60)
  • Mahadasha , Nakshatra, Ashtakvarga, Shadbala and More in the Report
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One Question Quick Analysis


Please Book this If you have one Question which You want to discuss with me

What You will get in this

  • You will get a Recorded MP3 File of 10-15 Mins of Recording on your email
  • We will Look into your chart with context of your Questions.

Questions I usually Answer

  1. Timing of Next Relationship,
  2. Timing of Career Rise,
  3. Foreign Settlement. possibilities
  • If you have any doubts regarding this Please DM me on instagram @pramanikastrology 

Questions I dont Accept are

  • Child Birth--Timing/Gender
  • Gambling/Speculation
  • or Any Other Question which I might feel I dont want to accept. I have kept the right to accept.Reject the question..So Please DM me on Instagram to confirm.
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Navamsha In-Depth Analysis


In This Reading we will Deep Dive into the D9 i.e. Navamsha Varga Charts

What You will Get in this Reading

  • D9 Important Houses to look out for
  • True Essense of Each Planet in from D1 to D9
  • Relationship Potentials
  • Timing of Relationships
  • Darakaraka in D9 Through Nakshatra to Judge the Nature of the Spouse
  • Any Other Question which you Might want me to focus in a reading.

You will get a Recorded MP3 File of 10-15 Mins of Recording on your email

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Int-Depth Horoscope Analysis


 What You Will Get in the Reading:    

  • In Depth Analysis of Your Birth Chart ( Rashi, Lords,Yogas, Dasha)
  • Transit, Birth Nakshatra
  • Planets Lords and Graha  Yogas Vimshottari Mahadasha Analysis 
  • Rahu-Ketu Karmic Analysis 
  • Deep Dive into the chart beyond the Predictions and see whats happening in the chart. with Agenda of the Planets and More
  • 1 hr of one-to one Video Call with me


 Best Suited for Those who want to Understand Their Chart in the light of Vedic Astrology Beyond the Predictions.

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