Sep 2019-May 2020.
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Rahu in Ardra Nakshatra

Rahu Transit in Ardra Nakshatra from Sep2019 -May 2020

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Your full horoscope report (Recommended if you understand Vedic astrology  or have an astrologer you are working with)
50+ Pages Covering All Aspects of the Vedic Astrology Components.
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Personal Consultation

I will personally be looking into your chart..We will have a Zoom Call for  ONE Hour..We will Discuss your Chart for 1 Hour. 

In this We will Dive Deep into your Chart and Look for the In-depth Analysis of all the Component of your Chart..

  • Vimshottari Mahadasha Analysis
  • Retrograde Planets
  • Ascendant and Yogakaraka Planet
  • Rahu-Ketu Karmic Analysis
  • Varga Chart (D9,D10)
  • Jaimini Chara karakas
  • Jaimini Chara Dashas
  • Combining Multiple Mahadashas
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