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Astrology is a Spiritual Guidance .Prasad Mahajani of Pramanik Astrology assumes no responsibility under the current arrangement other than to perform the Services in good faith, and Prasad Mahajani of Pramanik Astrology will not be responsible for any consequences whatsoever that result from any action of the Client in following or declining to follow any advice or recommendation of Prasad Mahajani of Pramanik Astrology, it being acknowledged and agreed by the Client that Prasad Mahajani of Pramanik Astrology’s services provided under the current arrangement are consulting only and any and all decision-making regarding the Client, including without limitation whether or not to follow any advice by Prasad Mahajani of Pramanik Astrology, is solely the responsibility of the Client. The parties hereto recognize and agree that the effectiveness of the Services and the success of any actions undertaken by Prasad Mahajani, Pramanik Astrology  in connection therewith are not guaranteed or warranted by Prasad Mahajani, Pramanik Astrology in any respect whatsoever. 

Further, the Client acknowledges that all opinions and advice (written or oral) given by Prasad Mahajani, Pramanik Astrology to the Client in connection with Prasad Mahajani, Pramanik Astrology’s engagement are intended solely for the benefit and use of the Client in considering the transaction to which they relate, and the Client agrees that no person or entity other than the Client shall be entitled to make use of or rely upon the advice of Prasad Mahajani, Pramanik Astrology  to be given hereunder, and no such opinion or advice shall be used for any other purpose or reproduced, disseminated, quoted or referred to at any time, in any manner or for any purpose, nor may the Client make any public references to Prasad Mahajani, Pramanik Astrology, or use Prasad Mahajani, Pramanik Astrology’s name in any annual reports or any other reports or releases of the Client without Prasad Mahajani, Pramanik Astrology’s prior written consent. Prasad Mahajani, Pramanik Astrology’s maximum liability shall not exceed the cash or other compensation/fees received from the Client.

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Know Your own Chart

Guided tour of Your Chart to understand the Fundamentals of your chart and discuss your own chart

What you'll get:

  • 90 Minutes(1.5 Hr) of Zoom call
  • Indepth Analysis in the area you want me to go 
  • Guided Tour Of your own chart

[ Recommended for those who are  New/Beginning into Vedic Astrology ]