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33 Days Vedic Astrology Bootcamp ( LifeTime Access Learn At Your Own Pace)

Learn Vedic Astrology in 33 days
and Start Making Predictions. without Spending Thousands of Dollars($) on Online Courses Even If You have no Prior Background of Vedic Astrology.



What you will learn in this course

  1. Planets
  2. Zodiac Signs
  3. Houses
  4. How To Read Your  Birth Chart (Understanding All Elements of the chart on Software)
  5. Degrees
  6. Bhavat bhavam
  7. Empty Houses SecretsJaimini Astrology
  8. Matchmaking and Compatibility Secrets
  9. How To Judge Planet Through Houses and Signs
  10. Ascendant Secrets
  11. Retrogression Secrets
  12. Combustion of Planets
  13. Debilitation Secrets
  14. How to Check the Strength of the Planet? ( Shadbala 6 Folded Strength of the Planet)
  15. Avasthas (Lajjitadi Deeptadi Avasthas)
  16. AshtakVarga
  17. Aspects
  18. Yogas(What are The Yogas and How To Judge a Yoga in a Horoscope)
  19.  Nakshatra (27 Nakshatras..Ranges/Padas and More)
  20.  varga charts/Divisional Charts Introduction Use and Significance
  21. Hora 
  22. Navamsha Secrets (D9)
  23. Dashamsha Secrets (D10)
  24. Vimshottari Mahadasha
  25. Jaimini Astrology
  26. Snapshot Technique To Have Deeper Understanding of the Chart
  27. BONUS Lesson( on Timing the Important Events like Marriage and Career Foreign Settlement)