26 Dec 2019: 6 planets in Sagittarius(Rise Above All Fear)



On 26 December 2019 We will Experience an Unique Transit of  6 Planets in the Sign Of Sagittarius.

Prasad!!!! Is this the end of the world or Anything Bad is going to happen to Me.. 

No Personally I believe We should not Feed Fear and Always Work from our Heart Space and Raise our vibrations..

I believe for 99% of the people  this transit won't be tragic difficult or BAD!!!

I Strongly Believe that Your Individual Horoscope and Your Nakshatra Based Mahadasha and Yogas are far more important and Significant than the Transits.

Transits Can Give You more of What is Already Promised in your Birth Chart

If you have physical transit but strong horoscope and strong Dasha sequence even the most difficult Transit will not bother you... You Will making progress doing great things.

Your Life will Mostly Be Normal..

Let us Look at the Chart of 26 Dec 2019 on SUNRISE.. 

It is Coming as Sagittarius Ascendant..and Planets Are as Follows

In this Bunch of 6 Planets Saturn is About to leave this Sign in January 2020 so it is in the last few Degrees of the Sagittarius Sign  Apart from this JUP and Ketu of the planets will be in this sign for longer periods..

If we observe this Chart Interestingly Enough VENUS and Mars are left out of this chaos..VEN MARS represents the Male-Female Dynamics of the Human Consciousness..

But Do we really need to Worry About this Transit?

For this We need to Understand How to Approach any Transit.

To Study Effect of any Transit You need to know about the following

    • Lagna/Ascendant
    • Moon
    • Important Houses
    • Ashtakvarga
    • All this on the Background of Your Natal Horoscope


Moon Vs Lagna

I Believe Transits Need to be judged from Lagna as well as Moon .

For Lagna is Your Unique Specific Set of Planets and Lordship..


Moon is the signification of the Mind which is the Basis of our Action which creates our Destiny..

If we look at the most important transit of all which is the transit of the planet SaturnKnown as sadesati split the word literally means seven and half so it is nothing but seven and half years of transit of Saturn

 twelfth from your moon over your natal moon and second to your natal Moon.

  along with the Ascendant or Lagna  there is equal significance of moon when we are judging the transit of any planet.

when we consider the transit from the lagna it is more about the health when we consider it from Moon it is more about your mind which affects your thoughts which inspire you certain actions so transits from Moon are important


Transits Through IMP Houses

Important houses 

 when we are judging a transit we have to look for or the important houses in the horoscope

 for example if you are looking for marriage prospects we have to look for transits through the 7th house

 if you are looking for career all the prospects in career of rise or fall in career then we have to look for the transit from the tent house of the horoscope

 from this specific purpose there are few critical  houses.

 any transit of planets from  11th or 12th is also important.




Ashtakvarga is the most evolved and reliable method of predicting outcome of the transit Of the planet.

Is a point based system where in the impact of everything on every other thing is examined so this method is more accurate than using only Gochar or transit from moon.

 it also has kaksha slots which determines the impact of all the planets on certain circumstances when we use Ashtakavarga we have more accuracy in predicting the event. Burger is also very useful in using the window of time to perform certain actions.


We have 6 planets into the sign of Sagittarius judging the transit of the six planets we have to to examine all the factors which we discussed in this article live the transit from the Moon transit from the lagna  theThe ashtakvarga.

 this transit can be the best transit or can be the worst transit depending upon your individual horoscope. so we should not judge them superficially instead we have to Deep dive into our whole horoscope and look for the sequence of Dasha in your Horoscope and then what's happening in your chart with respect to the yoga formation as well in order to come to certain conclusion

 I believe we should not  get scared with this planetary placement.

We should not feed the anger fear for any kind of panic or or any other low dense feeling respect to this planetary alignment.

 instead we should work from our heart space. We should raise our vibrations spread love and peace. should help people understand the true meaning of this planetary alignments

 sending you tons of positive energy sending you high vibrations

Love and peace 








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